Wenigos are described as 5 to 7ft tall and weighing between 150 and 250lbs covered in fur (in beast form) varrying in colour from white to crimson. Adult bull Wendigos are described (in beast form) with rather elk like heads with long snouts (filled with two rows of fangs) and branching antlers, sow (female) Wendigos by comparison have rather weasle like heads with no antlers and only having one row of teeth. Wendigos only have five eye colours Red, Green, Navy blue, Light Brown, and Pitch Black. In Human form the are always 6 inches shorter than in their beast form and can appear as any human race.

Hybrid speices facts about the resultsEdit

Human- average I.Q. 600, near cheetah speeds can be acheived, always either pale skinned or albino

Vampire- No beast form, nine out of ten this hybrid are male, human intelligence, not light sensitive, instinctive fear of fish

Lycanthrope- super strong, super fast, six inch claws, one row of teeth dispite gender, very rare.

Known WendigosEdit

  1. Xavier salmamazar (human hybrid)
  2. Solex salmanazar (lycnthrope hybid)
  3. Gabriel scotts (human hybrid)
  4. Mercutio
  5. Tybalt
  6. Bartemious
  7. William


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